New and improved products for masonry and concrete construction, and ready-mixed production debuted during this year's record-breaking show. Take a look at some of the impressive products that were on display.

Engine series

The new V-Twin iGX general-purpose engine models (iGX700/iGXV700 and iGX800/iGXV800) come equipped with fuel injection technology and an integrated electronic self-tuning regulator (STR) governor that delivers drive-by-wire remote control capability to manage key parameters, helping control engine speed, and diagnostics. The engines feature a hemispherical combustion chamber, an integrated cylinder and cylinder head, forged steel connecting rods and a 9.3:1 compression ratio, which contribute to high efficiency as well as low noise and vibration.

Demolition machine

The 27.5-kilowatt Brokk 200 operates tools with requirements typical of one weight class above. When paired with the new Brokk BHB 305 breaker, the unit’s hitting power is increased by 40%. The new class of machine delivers 450 foot-pounds (610 joules) with each blow of the 650-pound (295-kilogram) hydraulic breaker. The Brokk 200 also offers 15% longer vertical and horizontal reach in a compact footprint similar to the Brokk 170. The extra chassis length and machine weight ensures proper balance, even when wielding heavy attachments, such as breakers, drum cutters, grapples and concrete crushers.

Compact loader

Avant’s E5, 500, 600, and 700 series compact electric loaders can be lifted onto roofs, driven into freight elevators, and get into other tight spaces that usually require manual labor. Quick-change attachments include concrete mixers, soil screening buckets, hydraulic breakers, cutter crushers, and a vibrating plate and brick paver installation clamp. Offset telescopic boom improves operator’s visibility and multifunction joystick provides precision control.

Laser level

The Kapro 873G Prolaser Vector Green Laser Level beam can be seen over a greater distance, up to 200 feet using a detector. Three beams, one horizontal and two vertical beams with 90-degree intersections, produce readings of less than ¼ inch at 100 feet. Self-leveling range of ±3 degrees. Manual mode for angular layout/tilted marking.

K20 Concrete Sandwich Board
K20 Concrete Sandwich Board

Insulation board

Kooltherm K20 sandwich board’s rigid thermoset insulation is ideal for tilt-up and precast concrete wall applications and is designed to enable thinner wall assemblies by offering an R-value of 17 on 2 inches.

Floor sealer

Urethane Floor Sealer WB is a two-component, waterborne aliphatic floor coating that offers the chemical resistance and durability inherent to urethanes. In addition to providing excellent resistance to UV discoloration, impact and staining, SPARTACOTE Urethane Floor Sealer WB offers high-performance adhesion and chemical resistance.

St. Paul
St. Paul

Work boots

The St. Paul’s new heel-locking system makes for comfortable sure-footedness in any terrain. Carbon fiber toe caps are 15% lighter than steel. Full-length thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) interlocking torsional plate mimics the support of a traditional welted boot, and the textile upper is reinforced with TPU at key wear areas.

Safety harness

The Guardian S1’s steel hardware has three-bar torso adjustment for quick and proper fitting, five connection points for use in multiple applications, and chest strap captivation for performance. Water-resistant contrasting core webbing, label cover and impact indicators for easy inspection, dual lanyard keepers, and durable rubber web keepers. Available in four sizes but can be customized.

Power tool interface system

The X-Lock Interface makes changing bonded discs, flap discs, wire wheels, and diamond blades three times as fast. Wheels eject with a lever pull and connect without a spanner wrench or flange nuts; an audible snap tells the user the wheel is securely installed.

Concrete vibrator

The Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator is a 14.5-pound double-insulated universal motor that can drive the full line of Minnich vibrator shafts and heads from ¾ inch to 2½ inches.

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