The editorial team for Concrete Construction, Masonry Construction, The Concrete Producer, and Concrete Surfaces has developed an impressive set of live events for attendees at this year’s World of Concrete. We know that many CC readers never get to the show, so we plan to bring them to you after the fact in as much detail as possible. But if you do plan to attend, don’t miss the chance to see innovative concretework being performed live by experts. Here are a few examples:

Pervious Live

Pervious Live is where you will be able to see for yourself what is meant by a mix that is “just right.” Sorry, Goldilocks won’t be on hand, but Alan Sparkman from the Tennessee Concrete Association will be. Pervious concrete has huge potential and it’s not difficult, but there are a few things you will need to know and understand before taking on a project.

Roller Compacted Concrete Live

RCC Live debuted at last year’s show. We will be placing an RCC test strip and demonstrating all the things that give RCC so much potential. Christopher Tull, owner of CRT Concrete Consulting, is working with us again this year after his outstanding leadership at last year’s event. RCC is finding a niche here and there, sometimes under asphalt as the base layer. Silly to cover up concrete, even RCC, but it’s still a good market.

Breakfast with the Experts

Contractors are early risers, we all know that—especially since they will call me at 7 a.m.. Eastern time at my Mountain time home! So since you’re going to be up early anyway, come on over to the Las Vegas Convention Center for some breakfast and a lively panel discussion with industry pros, from materials guys to slab guys to formwork guys. This is your chance to get these guys in a room and ask them everything you ever wanted to know.

Slabs Luncheon

I have to make one final pitch for the Slabs Luncheon on Wednesday, Jan. 22. We’re discussing joint-free slabs and the experts on the panel will tell you how they’ve made this work. Eliminating (or minimizing) joints in industrial slabs is huge, since the vast majority of the problems are created by the joints. Come to this luncheon to listen but also to ask as many questions as you would like.