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The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Engineering's (SOE) Department of Construction is an award-winning program with a strong reputation for producing successful graduates prepared to shape industry. Luke Snell, P.E., was professor emeritus and founding chair of the department. Once a scholar and educator of the SOE, his recent $15,000 contribution will help continue the department's success. The donation will directly support the SIUE student chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

“Concrete is the second most used material in the world … only surpassed by water,” Snell said. “As I developed my research and gained real-world experience as a consultant, using my undergraduate and graduate activities, I seemed to have a knack for solving concrete construction problems. This led me to SIUE to lead the newly created undergraduate construction program. In this role, I could thwart some of those construction problems by reaching students and educating them on good techniques.”

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