Provides efflorescence control

Providing water repellency, efflorescence control, and increased strength and performance, Rheopel Plus admixture adds visual appeal to manufactured concrete products and precast/pre-stressed concrete. Using small amounts of the product gives big results. Applications include architectural block, single-wythe masonry construction, paving stones, segmental retaining wall units, and concrete roof tile. BASF Admixtures Inc. 800-628-9990.

Vibrator for ready-mix trucks

The Chute Vibrator is designed for ready-mix truck chutes and is available in three models-the pneumatic turbine vibrator CHV-25, the lightweight 12 V DC vibrator CHV-6, and the pneumatic piston vibrator CHV-501. They easily move low-slump and pervious concrete without raking, even at low angles. They include all parts and accessories. The CHV-25 and CHV-6 feature silent operation while the CHV-501 consumes little air. Vibco Inc. 800-633-0032.

Liquid admixture reduces need for cement

OPTEC Paver Enhancer reduces the cost of paver and segmental retaining walls by achieving comparable strength properties with less cement. It can enhance color dispersion, help minimize secondary efflorescence, and provide mix plasticity. This ready-to-use liquid admixture can be used in concrete plants producing other low-slump concrete products where improved physical properties and aesthetics are desired. Grace Construction Products. 877-423-6491.

Prevent concrete from sticking

Stop Stik is a spray-on solution that makes concrete cleanup quick and easy. Suitable for most Putzmeister equipment, including truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, large line trailer pumps, Thom-Katts, and mortar machines, the substance forms a barrier between equipment and cementitious material. The spray should be reapplied periodically between jobs for continued protection. Putzmeister America Inc. 800-884-7210.

Portable batch plant

Arriving at a jobsite pre-wired and pre-plumbed, the LoGo 10 Portable Transit Mix Batch Plant is a single-trailer configuration with a fifth wheel hitch for easy transportation. The 45-cu.-yd., four-compartment aggregate bin is standard in in-line or cross-bin configuration, as is a 10-cu.-yd. batcher and 30-inch-wide batch belt. The self-contained hinged cement section enables quick installation. Rexcon LLC. 414-351-7000.

Big output, small load loss

The Sermac Extreme 5Z37 concrete pump features a 5-inch pipe to the tip and uses a special S-valve that ensures high outputs with small load loss. The pump's hopper is manufactured from wear-resistant materials and the pump achieves outputs of up to 161 cubic yards per hour. Its large capacity and high-torque agitator allow for operating under hard working conditions with low-slump concrete. The five-section Z boom enables greater maneuverability in narrow areas. Sermac America Inc. 651-429-8991.

Pull-behind concrete mixing trailer

p>The Concrete Titan is a pull-behind concrete mixing trailer with a 1.25-cu.-yd. capacity. Powered by a Kohler Command Pro engine, the trailer uses a variable-displacement, axial-piston, pressure-compensated, load-sensing pump. Closed-center hydraulic valves allow the speed to be infinitely variable in both directions. Additional features include an onboard water tank, lighting wiring inside the frame, diamond-plate fenders, and two 8-inch drum-support casters rated at 4500 pounds each. Pitts Engineering Works. 877-693-9372.

Move concrete pipe easily

The Pipe Pick is a fast, safe, clean way to handle precast concrete pipe. Insert the pick into the lifting hole in the pipe, tilt to engage the beveled edge, and lift. Removal also is easy. The tool keeps workers out of the mud and the pipe and increases jobsite safety. Models are available in 1½- to 5-ton sizes. Construction Lifters, Div of The Caldwell Group. 800-719-6190. .

Precast retaining wall system

Available with a variety of architectural finishes, the T-Wall retaining wall system is an all-concrete system with no separate soil reinforcements to attach. Each precast unit consists of a face and a perpendicular stem, which are easily installed and backfilled with a select granular fill. The stem length varies, depending on the height and loads on the wall. The Neel Co. 703-913-7858.

Clamp-on flow meter

The Dynasonics Series TFXL ultrasonic transit time flow meter clamps onto the outside of a pipe, avoiding contact with its contents. The unit replaces mechanical flow meters and eliminates the need for in-line flanges, pipe fittings, strainers, and filters. It is suitable for outdoor mounting. An optional local display shows rate and total flow. Compact integral mount systems can accommodate pipes 2 inches and smaller; remote mount systems accommodate pipes ½-inch and more. Dynasonics. 800-535-3569.

Weight controller

Only 3 inches deep, the HI 4050 general-purpose weight controller has several enhanced features. The rate-of-change mode monitors the flow rate in gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight applications. Four independent analog outputs — two current (4-20 ma) and two voltage (0-10 V)— can be configured to reflect any of the device's parameters. Other communication options include Modbus TCP/IP—a vendor-neutral, open communication protocol—Ethernet/IP, and DeviceNet. Hardy Instruments. 800-821-5831.