American Public Works Association International Congress

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Public works' obscurity

No one really understands what public works does, much less the pride employees take in providing an enjoyable and safe environment in which to live and work. More

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Hotbox reclaimer

Machine’s burner and key components are located above the frame, resulting in a... More

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Energy-efficient lamp

The lamp is suitable for fully enclosed fixtures. Available for a range of... More

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Truck-mounted asphalt patcher

Manual control units help realize savings while offering from the ground in front... More

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Ride-on brush cutter

Adjustable blade can be set to leave brush as high as 6 inches. Hydrostatic... More

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Sign post extractors

The JackJaw’s jaw-and-lever mechanism enables a crew member to pull stakes and... More

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Asset data collection

Models include performance curves, treatments, triggers and decision trees, and... More

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Safety zone barriers

The Titan’s Flexi-Coupling clips enable the polypropylene stackable barrier to... More

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Versatile grader and pavement smoother

Flatliner smoothing attachment levels bumps and other irregularities by shaving... More

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