Question: Please send me addresses of manufacturers of blended hydraulic cements. I would also like the addresses of manufacturers of barium cements, for use where high resistance to sea water is needed, and of strontium cements for high temperature resistance.

Answer: Blended hydraulic cements are of three different kinds as described in ASTM C 595: Portland pozzolan (designated IP), Portland blast furnace cement (designated IS) and slag cement (designated S). Manufacturers of type IP are:

G. 8 W. H. Corson, Inc.,

Joshua and Stenton Avenue,

Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania 19462

Dundee Portland Cement,

P. O. Box 122, Dundee, Michigan 48131

Santee Portland Cement,

P. O. Box 698, Holly Hill, South Carolina 29059

Wyandotte Cement, Inc.,

Wyandotte, Michigan 48192

Manufacturers of type IS are:

American Cement Corp.,

Peerless Division, 900 Detroit Trade Center,

Detroit, Michigan 48226

Bessemer Cement Co.,

510 Hanna Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Marquette Cement Co.,

Pittsburgh Plant, 507 Grant Bldg.,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

Martin Marietta, Southern Cement Division,

Daniel Bldg., 18th Floor,

Birmingham, Alabama 35233

Universal Atlas Cement,

Division of United States Steel Corporation,

600 Grant Street, P. O. Box 2969,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230

We do not know of any manufacturer who is currently making Type S cements. Strontium and barium cements are manufactured primarily in Rumania and Bulgaria. However, they can be manufactured in this country on special request by most broadly based cement manufacturers if an order is large enough to justify it.