This 6000-square-foot home showcases concrete's versatility inside and out. Its solid exterior walls are made of steel-reinforced insulating concrete forms (ICF), creating a home that resists earthquakes, hurricanes, loud noise, fire, mold, and insects.

The Country Club Road residence is built to withstand New England's harsh winters. With ICFs, various energy-efficient features, and ENERGY STAR rated appliances, it is three times as thermal as traditional wood-framed homes.

In the basement and garage, concrete floors are lined with 2-inch, rigid foam board insulation, sand, and a 10-mil poly-vapor barrier for further insulation and waterproofing. The remaining floors are framed with fire-resistant steel joists and steel decking, complete with a layer of open-cell urethane spray foam. Radiant heating creates a comfortable living environment.

Acid-stained concrete floors provide a decorative element. The floors were diamond-ground to a smooth finish; a white polymer cement overlay was then applied. Floors were stained in a variety of colors, including marigold, mahogany, powder blue, and green. Finishers created patterns by making cuts with a worm-drive saw and vacuum attachments. Two coats of 100% solids high-build, ultra-clear epoxy and two coats of high-solids urethane created a high gloss look.

The home's amenities include a 5x5-foot, 10-head concrete shower, fitness center, home theater, and sauna. Stamped concrete patios and walkways and a stone and stucco veneer define the exterior.

The entire project used 214 ½ yards of conventional and decorative concrete. Its ICF walls and steel deck floors saved about 130 trees.