February 2013 - Las Vegas, NV: At the recent semi-annual meeting during the World of Concrete exposition, FRCA President Michael Mahoney announced the inaugural IFPY awards program winner for 2012 as the Martin Luther King Jr./ Humboldt Basin project in Buffalo, NY, awarded to FRCA member FORTA Corporation, Grove City, PA, as the project’s fiber supplier . The association’s annual IFPY program is to acknowledge and recognize innovative and unique projects that help expose and advance the use of FRC – Fiber Reinforced Concrete - throughout the U.S. market in any and all types of applications, such as precast, shotcrete, decorative, pervious, or slabs-on-ground. This year’s winner exemplified innovative fiber technology and practice in a unique combination wading pool/skating rink project for the City of Buffalo, NY, covering over 4.6 acres of colored concrete slab-on-ground. Designed by architectural/engineering firm Wendell Companies of Buffalo, the 6” thick splash-pad was placed in concentric circular sections using a checkerboard panel placement practice. Original plans called for over 29,000 feet of saw-cut control joints within the panels, however a joint-free alternate was placed by using a high dosage of macro-synthetic fiber reinforcement, creating outer-ring joint-free panels as large as 65 ft. x 70 ft. Over 3,700 cubic yards of fiber-reinforced concrete were supplied by Buffalo Redi-Mix, and placed by Man O’Trees Inc. of Buffalo.

The FRCA IFPY awards are judged by CIM Chairperson Dr. Heather Brown of Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN. For additional information, please contact the Fiber reinforced Concrete Association at www.fiberreinforced.org.