As every driver knows, cleaning out the inside of a mixer is just one of those unpleasant parts of the job. Fortunately for his crew, Missouri ready-mix driver Doug Clemons has put his creativity in full gear to offer a simple solution to the problem of mortar buildup in the drum's nose.

Clemons has come up with a method that he says has practically eliminated material buildup in his employer's trucks. In fact, Clemons claims that in the more than 7 years during which he has been driving trucks with the 4.0 mixer alteration, he and his fellow drivers haven't used a jackhammer on the drums because the drums are so clean. With a simple field modification to the drum's fins, Clemons' 4.0 system converts the mixer into a washtub of sorts. The modification allows the cleanout water to fully access the corners and shelves where the mortar starts the buildup process.

According to Clemons, the modification process takes about three hours and can be handled by any qualified welder or torch operator. He cautions that to perform the modification safely, it's necessary to be aware of OSHA's requirement for working in confined spaces.

Clemons has just published a 4-page brochure describing the 4.0 modification process.

The article includes information about an invention made of a durable, long-lasting material that encapsulates mixer drums.