Concrete truck fleet operators know timing is everything. One hiccup in a drum drive can shut down a critical project, and that downtime can be disastrous for a project and business. To prevent the hours or days lost to chipping concrete out of the drum and repairing the equipment after a breakdown, these operators rely on heavy-duty motors and pumps to keep drums mixing at a consistent, reliable pace.

Providers of hydrostatic drum pumps and motors, need to understand that there is an ever-present need for a zero failure environment, particularly in the tough conditions of construction sites. Manufacturers and end users need a partner committed to delivering reliable products and exceptional service quickly.

Construction managers are always looking for efficient equipment. Eaton’s heavy-duty hydrostatic piston pumps and motors are optimized for demanding applications. Using a fixed clearance slipper design, the motor’s cast iron housing also reduces operation noise and provides the needed durability. The pumps and motors optimize engine power and performance depending on the machine’s load conditions, providing efficient and reliable performance.

Efficiency improvements can come in many packages, and the current focus on environment and cleaner burning fuel sources is driving manufacturers and fleet operators to move to alternative fuel sources such as compressed natural gas (CNG). The market for CNG vehicles is growing rapidly in North America, and more in Europe, and considering the significant investment—as much as $500,000—required to start a CNG station, it is imperative to have the proper equipment installed, including the hoses built to carry the fuel. CNG machines need tough, durable fuel lines; szome manufacturers, like Eaton, are upgrading their CNG hoses and getting them certified to the latest specifications, to meet this growing demand.

Reducing failure risk

While the industry continues to seek weight and size reductions across the vehicle, most customers are choosing to stick with proven heavy-duty solutions to power drum drives. Piston pumps and motors need to offer fleet operators exceptional quality, longevity, and efficiency. Proven performance helps eliminate the risk of costly downtime. Drum drive components are subject to incredible duty cycles and environmental demands. Even a small chance of failure is too risky for most.

Machine controllability is another growing trend in the drum drives market, and indeed across many heavy equipment industries. Keeping the drum moving at a slow but consistent pace is key to mixing while the vehicle is in motion and to many applications that require a slow discharge of concrete. Whether pouring curbs or high-rise buildings, it is imperative that the drum rotates consistently at the needed speed.

Integrating electronics and providing diagnostic capabilities in these heavy-duty machines is also vital. The ability to monitor machine status and alert operators of any problems in real time helps prevent downtime and increases productivity. The newest radio remote controls, such as Eaton’s OMNEXTM TD3200 Remote Control, do that for concrete mixers and other heavy equipment, while also providing truck operators with smooth operation and precise control.

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