Concrete polishing contractors have an ideal opportunity in the months ahead to receive recognition for their favorite projects. The Third Annual Concrete Surfaces Polished Concrete Awards recognizes the world’s best polishing projects in many settings: residential, commercial, industrial, and more.

In addition to publicity, the awards give contractors a leg up on competing flooring treatments and demonstrates to important decision makers—building owners, specifiers, architects, and others—why they should select this flooring treatment for their next project.

Each category will be divided into existing and new construction, where appropriate. So each category may have both a Repair/Rehab and New Construction winner. Website visitors will decide the Readers’ Choice winner.

The International Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference is the contest sponsor. Winning projects will appear in Concrete Surfaces and on the website.

We begin accepting entries on May 1; entry deadline is Aug. 2. Entries must include a detailed project description, photographs (construction and finished), and a list of project participants. Visit for further details and entry forms.

Projects can fall within any of the following categories:

  • Residential: single or multifamily structures
  • Commercial: office buildings, sports and recreational facilities
  • Industrial: manufacturing facilities, warehouses
  • Retail: stores, restaurants, shopping centers
  • Educational: school buildings, dormitories
  • Institutional: hospitals, churches, government facilities
  • Craftsman: decorative showcase projects
  • Countertops: kitchen, bath, and multipurpose countertops