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ACPA Launches Certification Program

Certification 2020 will include a revised certification test that’s a better... More

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Curing Concrete Explored at Slabs Luncheon

Panel of industry experts look at alternative curing techniques. More

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Why Soil Moisture Matters When Pouring Concrete Footings

Super-dry soil can suck water out of wet concrete, while very wet soil will add... More

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A steel composite alternative to the reinforced concrete core

If tall-building construction adopts a new building method using composite steel... More

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How Robots Are Changing the Construction Industry

Contractors are increasingly using automation for the hard labor that goes into... More

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Decorative Concrete LIVE!

In 2020 concentrates on crafting colorful cityscapes More

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Precise Concrete Paving

The newest ultra-accurate control systems combine laser guidance and GPS. More

Dazzling Decorative Concrete Showroom

Colorado Hardscapes takes collaboration in decorative concrete to the next level... More

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