Every site has its own unique challenge, especially as much of the easily developed land in high population areas has already been developed and turned into homes, mixed use properties, and commercial space. For developers, that can mean missed deadlines and blown budgets to overcome these difficult site conditions.

A new patent-pending system has been developed by Concrete Contractors Interstate (CCI) in San Diego that makes it easier to build retaining walls for a project while keeping costs affordable. The iCON Wall Solution, is CCI’s horizontal method for casting and installing tilt-up retaining walls that speeds up construction.

The system’s horizontal casting method is safer for jobsites because no scaffolding is required and it uses only 10% of the wood needed for cast-in-place wall construction. For a wall 250 feet in length and 6 to 10 feet high, the wall system can cut construction time by almost 40 percent, reducing the project timeline from 12.5 weeks to only 8 weeks of work.

Benefits of the wall:

  • Unlimited design creativity on both sides of the wall
  • The fastest method for building structural concrete walls as construction activities happen simultaneously.
  • Allows a project’s mandated public art component to be incorporated into a decorative structural wall to achieve cost savings
  • Endless design creativity at a fraction of the cost
  • More environmentally friendly than cast-in-place wall building, using 90% less wood than traditional methods

The footings are designed the same as conventional wall footings, except the vertical dowels are placed behind where the panels are installed. Unlike masonry or cast-in-place walls, each wall panel is built before or at the same time as the footings. The panels are installed using a crane once the footings are completed. The walls are connected to the footings using a horizontal buttress system.

This product can be used for commercial, residential, and mixed use projects. CCI plans to license its patents to concrete contractors across the country in the near future.

The iCON Wall System was honored for its decorative concrete potential by winning first place at the 2015 Decorative Concrete Council Awards. From finishes like polished concrete that were previously impossible for vertical walls, this wall system allows you to create unique pieces of art. Concrete design options include exposed aggregate, stamped, polished, and even mosaic.

“At CCI we’ve been leaders in the concrete industry for over 30 years, which means we have to constantly evolve to solve construction problems,” says Russ Baumgartner, president of CCI. “The big issue now is that it’s becoming more time consuming and expensive to build than ever before. iCON allows us to save time and money for contractors while providing an exceptional level of structural performance. We’re proud to be solving a major problem for developers.”