(STEVENSVILLE, MD – May 28, 2013) The Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) is pleased to announce an educational collaboration with the International Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference (ICPSC) to provide Tradesman Certification and Craftsman Level 1 Certification classes at the ICPSC on September 12 – 15 in Duluth, Georgia.

In an effort to meet the industry's demand for skilled and knowledgeable decorative and polishing contractors, the CPAA is working with the ICPSC to provide a greater outreach for the new and expanded certification and training program. The programs are carefully designed to meet the skill sets of each level of students and will expose the students to various types of equipment, tooling, and chemical products on the market today. Each course is designed to build on the Craftsman's knowledge base toward a Master Craftsman Certification.

The certifications offered by CPAA at ICPSC in September include:

Tradesman Certificate is an introductory course and the first step toward understanding the polishing process. This course is designed for classroom education only. There is no hands-on training offered as this course has been designed for trade shows, conventions, seminars, etc. The course introduces the student to the many variables and challenges encountered within the polishing process.

Craftsman, Level I certification is designed for classroom and hands-on education. Individuals applying for this course must meet the following minimum requirements: the student’s parent company must be a member of the CPAA, the student must have a Tradesman Certificate or if that has not been obtained, 980 hours of actual on-the-job experience (or a minimum of 12 completed polished concrete projects), the references of two CPAA supporting member manufacturers, and a signed affidavit form along with the course registration submission.

For more information on the details of the certifications levels, click here.

The CPAA is looking forward to working with the ICPSC in building a higher level of expertise in the concrete polishing industry. The new agreement will allow both organizations to work together to promote this fast-growing industry.