2015 Innovation Winner

This is a 38,000 sq ft of polished walls and columns. The concrete was black integral color with an imported designed aggregate. Our research found that there had never been a project of this magnitude done anywhere else in the world.

Prior to this project the only ways to polish vertical surfaces was with small hand grinders. The surface would be ground to a honed finished then waxed and buffed to shine. This resulted in a surface that required constant maintenance. The other method was to go through a multi-step mechanical polishing process that was difficult to keep consistent when numerous craftsmen would be needed to produce large amounts of area in a reasonable schedule.

We designed, developed and patented a line of equipment that with a few short hours of training would allow any workforce to produce consistent, high quality, multi-step mechanically polished surfaces. We demonstrated this equipment to the owner and gave them hope that they would see their vision completed.