Performance-based Solutions to Complex Concrete Coating Issues.

Go-Early Technology is built on the AC•Tech 2170 Fast-Curing, Zero VOC, Vapor Reduction System that has long been recognized for high-performance and consistent results within both the construction and flooring sectors.

Now, this same German-engineered and specially manufactured epoxy resin has been formally tested as a Type 1, Class C Liquid Membrane-Forming Curing Compound in accordance with ASTM C1315-11 testing standards.

Applied @ 12 mils over a light broom finish 24-72 hours after initial concrete set, Go-Early Technology is a One-Product, One-Coat, One-System total solution for concrete curing, slab protection and vapor reduction.

When correctly applied by concrete industry specialists, Go-Early Technology may be even better termed as a “Most Innovative Process” in which on-slab construction activities can start early and finish early.

Allied Construction Technologies, Inc

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