• If the worksite were a perfect place with no disputes, perfect cost estimates, zero nonproductive labor or equipment time, and no accidents, experience alone would be the only asset needed by a supervisor. But as is well known, construction is not a perfect process.

    Research developed through the investigation of hundreds of jobsites has identified the key problems that provide the supervisor with the greatest opportunity for improvement. The list of problems (improvement possibilities) includes:

    Disputed change orders

  • Nonproductive labor and equipment time
  • Accidents
  • Theft of materials and/or tools
  • Double handling of material
  • Redo or punch list work.

The supervisor must "break the mold," "think out of the box," and "use creative thinking" to improve the workday. This article presents 10 themes relating to supervisor skills that will go a long way toward improving the efficiency and profitability of the construction process.