Glendale Heights, IL – January 16, 2014 ? The bone-chilling cold weather that has impacted most of North America the last two months is proving to be no match for Epcon S7, a fast cure hybrid epoxy for concrete applications from ITW Red Head®. Introduced to the market one year ago, Epcon S7 is the only code approved fast cure adhesive that can be used in water saturated, water filled and submerged holes. It will be one of several products that ITW will demonstrate at World of Concrete (booth O31514) in Las Vegas, January 20-24.

“Epcon S7 is a great cold weather product. It can solve the majority of jobs needing an adhesive solution in temperatures below 40° (F),” said J Schneider, Marketing Director for ITW Commercial Construction North America. “On the job site, it saves time and money by allowing construction crews to install threaded rod or rebar in concrete that otherwise is too damp or soaked to bond with other adhesives. It is the only code approved fast cure adhesive designed to cure in concrete underwater.”

Architects and engineers have found several advantages with Epcon S7 when specifying adhesives for dry or wet concrete applications. Designed to simplify specification and code compliance, Epcon S7 gives architects and engineers the ability to use one calculation across more environmental conditions. It also simplifies installation with superior performance by supporting better minimum edge and spacing distances than other adhesives.

Epcon S7 is a reliable workhorse among various Epcon Anchoring Solutions options. The leading brand line for epoxy and acrylic formulations includes the new Epcon C6+, A7 Acrylic Adhesive, and G5 High Strength Epoxy, as well as screens, umbrella inserts, dispensing tools and accessories.

To view the Epcon S7 ICC-ES Report, visit here.