Parking facilities are a necessity for each new apartment building and office building. Cars come into these facilities laden with ice containing deicing salts from city streets; while parked they deposit salt water on the concrete decks. This liquid penetrates and sometimes freezes in the concrete producing salts scaling and attacking reinforcing steel. One approach to preventing these problems is through the use of linseed oil emulsions. Linseed oil now can be emulsified in water. The emulsion was developed originally for use as a curing membrane and anti-spalling agents for concrete bridge decks, but now it is finding increasing acceptance as a protective seal against salt solutions on parking garage floors. Applications of linseed oil emulsions have been used successfully in parking garages to deter these and other problems. Test have indicted that a linseed oil emulsion prohibits penetration of slats, although it does allow some water to penetrate. If the concrete deck of the garage is effectively sealed it will make cleanup simpler. The linseed oil emulsion, when applied as a curing compound, eliminates map cracking on the surface. It also reduces the amount of spalled and delaminated area that could develop on the surface. Protection of the concrete surface helps ensure the structural integrity of the reinforced concrete.