As ready mix producers look at the possibility of supplying concrete for highway pavements, three questions naturally arise. One is how to meet the rigid state specifications. The second is how do you sell the idea to the contractor. And third is how do make the work profitable. The author of the article answers these questions based on his own practical experience running at ready mix concrete company. He says to meet the specifications it is important to maintain close contact with the State Highway Department engineers. This is for two reasons. The first is to assist them in developing ready mixed concrete specifications which are realistic and would result in producing and delivering a product equal or superior to that which a contractor could supply for himself. The second is make clear that you as the company is willing to make a capital investment in equipment to insure the state of a high standard of performance. In order to sell the contractor, the ready mix producer has to show that they can do the project better than the contractor can service himself with his own equipment. First it is important to bid only on projects that are within an economical haul distance. Then meet with the contractor and review plans. During this discussion the author of the article explains the production that they will guarantee on the straight of way portion of the pavement. The criterion of a production equal to 50 percent more than a contractor can achieve with one 34E dual drum paver has been very effective in closing sales. Where there are interchanges and varying widths of pavement, they show that they can deliver concrete to more than one location simultaneously. The author found this work profitable because of the effect of increased volume on their fixed costs. They also employ careful planning in delivery to ensure maximum productivity.