The project is located in the heart of Manhattan, the objective was to pour a 2-3 inch topping slab and polish the main corridor of the offices of the owner of this gold Leed-certificate building. One of the first hurdles on this job was to drive in to Manhattan each day, get concrete poured in one of the worst winters, and try to build a perfect polished floor as it will serve as the center piece of this one of a kind office space. We first started with a vapor-barrier, and anti fracture membrane, then got ready for 10,000 sq ft floor. We poured in controlled pours, with the main focus on the offices since they we getting polished. They were panned and then finished with 2-36 Allen propane machines.

We installed this concrete in the dead of winter on the ground floor of an office building at about 60 degrees inside and 10 degrees outside. We used a 4000psi mix with hot water and wheel-barrowed the mix inside. We had to cut the expansion joints exactly to the architects spec, since this would be critically later with the placement of glass. After finishing we covered with pro guard dura-cover by Scofield, then waited to dye and polished after three months of waiting for the space to be ready. We started with a 120 grit then 50, 100, 200 dyed with Scofield's soft grey, then densified, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 polish with guard and burnish. The end result is a stunning floor that matches the work space.