Over 70% of the concrete used in America today is delivered through the $28 billion ready-mixed concrete industry. The concept took off in the 1960’s, now there are over 2,000 businesses employing over 79,000 workers. The forecast through 2020 is showing a steady 5 percent annual growth. Much of this optimism is due to the parallel forecast that residential construction will be propelled by improving incomes, while nonresidential construction, stimulated by an improving economy, is forecast to grow at an accelerated pace through 2020.

While that outlook is very positive, there are new challenges. There is a skilled labor shortage in commercial construction right now and the projection is not rosy. When you add the new OSHA silica dust rules set to start in July 2017, it’s clear the commercial construction industry needs to embrace new technology at a faster pace.

Longer schedules combined with lower worker safety and unhealthy jobsites is unacceptable.

Pre-fabricated, modular, better designed, and new technologies from manufacturers are finding their way through the “we’ve always done it this way” or the “take the lowest bid mentality” that has prevailed for so long. In fact the lowest bid can often lead to paying a higher price when one looks beyond the isolated cost vs. an integrated cost that calculates what precedes and follows the product, service or installation cost.

One innovation from LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® is the introduction of SUPERCAP ready-mixed concrete delivery service for self-leveling underlayment. Contractors can order SUPERCAP self-leveling underlayment much like they have done for years with Portland-based concrete products. The SUPERCAP system is mixed onsite using super sacks through a computer controlled, patent-pending pump truck system. The contractor does the prep, prime and place. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP crew supplies the material and their pump truck system to the jobsite. The only thing that goes in the building is a hose. No silica dust, no staging and tying up the freight elevators with thousands of small bags.

With today’s fast-track construction schedules, meeting concrete slab specification tolerances has deteriorated. Ask a project superintendent if they’ve seen new slabs getting better and flatter and you’ll often find the answer is no. Think about all the extra labor needed to build out on an uneven floor. Self-leveling underlayment delivered through the LATICRETE SUPERCAP ready-mixed concrete system solves the problem.

New York-based Pyramid Floors has used the LATICRETE SUPERCAP bulk delivery system for over 10 years, pouring over 60MM square feet up to 60 stories high. SUPERCAP calcium aluminate cementitious self-leveling products, including a lightweight product for those renovations on older buildings, have a proven track record. Both GC and concrete subcontractor customers who self-perform now can get their SLU through the SUPERCAP ready-mixed concrete delivery service.

With the increased volume that the ready-mixed concrete pump truck provides, the GC can cap 2-6 times more square footage in a day. “It makes sense, especially when every GC has a sharp eye on their schedules. They control their labor, schedules and planning, we help train their crews. Less headaches, consistent quality outcomes and faster build-outs have led to proven timesaving. And while every market has different cost variables, we all know what time costs,” said Stephen DeGaray, president of Pyramid Floors.

LATICRETE SUPERCAP is the only system that can offer ready-mixed SLU delivered and is now expanding the service nationwide.