Tilt-up concrete panel repair calls for a strong, high-quality material that sets quickly. Making smooth, durable repairs is essential for tilt-up walls. Contractors need products that will adhere to the existing panel and provide a flat, even repair. Top tilt-up repair contractors have been using CTS Rapid Set products for many years to meet these needs. One of the products that can be used for tilt-up repairs is WunderFixx. Tilt-up repair contractors find that this material provides quick, long-lasting repairs that are aesthetically pleasing.

All tilt-up construction projects are in need of patch work after the concrete panels have been erected. There will be imperfections and pinholes on the outer side of walls, which must be patched prior to painting. Some tilt-up buildings might require as little as 5% of the wall to be patched where others may require up to 100%. The average job will require about 15% patch work on the tilt-up wall. A tilt-up project can take anywhere from a week to two months to patch depending on the size of building and amount of patch work required. After the patch work is complete using WunderFixx, the tilt wall can be painted in as little as three hours.

Samuel Express Tilt Patch Inc., is a tilt-up construction repair company which has been in business for more than seven years. It works with the largest tilt-up construction companies in the Eastern U.S., but it travels all over the nation for its customers. Listed as one of the top three preferred patch companies to hire in the Southeast by all tilt-up construction companies, Samuel Express Tilt Patch is known for its fast, quality work.

Magnolia Shadow School, Shreveport, La., and a multi-purpose building Cvista, in Riverview, Fla., are both examples of tilt-up buildings where the projects proceeded as planned and the tilt-up walls were successfully raised. In both cases, the Samuel Express Tilt Patch team was brought in to perform the patching on the imperfections and pinholes on the outer side of walls.

“We tried other repair products in the past and they would fall off the wall. Also, some competitive products were too gritty and could not be sanded down to a smooth surface. Rapid Set’s WunderFixx is extremely smooth, easy to apply, and never peels off,” says Miguel Rodriguez, owner and president of Samuel Express Tilt Patch. “We’ve been using WunderFixx for five years and never had a problem. We find we can get it to a better consistency. It’s the best material I’ve ever tried.”

In its multiple tilt-up construction projects throughout Florida and other states, Samuel Express Tilt Patch uses WunderFixx, Mortar Mix, and Cement All for its repairs. Using those products allows for fast and smooth patching and gives the company the reputation for fast, high-quality work.