Saving time and money on any construction project is essential. However, changes during construction are simply a reality and can cause delays as well as increase the likelihood for errors. That is why the ability to use web-based software on the Dulles Summit business park ensured a smooth project.

According to Sam Simmons, project superintendent at EE Reed Construction, Sugar Land, Texas, the general contractor for the project, they choose to use the web-based software Tilt-Werks by Tilt-Up Design Systems, Heathrow, Fla., to create drawings for panel dimensions, openings, reveals, embed locations, and elevations. The software provided an automated way to design the tilt-up structure and produced structural drawings from design data input. Simmons says they needed to produce accurate panel drawings for the project that incorporated all of the specific materials and dimensions for each panel.

“To bridge the gap and coordinate various shop drawings, Tilt-Werks served as a visual tool that allowed me to generate drawings that could be passed on to my layout men and enabled me to move on to handling the role of general contractor,” says Simmons. “The project was a success. I received outstanding customer support from Tilt-Up Design Systems, and the software allowed me to generate all of the panel drawings right from my field office and communicate more effectively the true intent of the design with my field engineers and form carpenters.”

The technology

The technology behind this software has been proven during the last two decades on more than 400 diverse tilt-up projects. The developers decided to convert it for the web to provide a cost-effective way for structural engineers to design and share building projects as well as to enhance the productivity and efficiency of all parties. The software application features a user interface that allows designers, contractors, and material providers alike to experience the benefits of online project collaboration.

“This online resource allows all parties involved in a tilt-up project to benefit from increased design and construction efficiency,” says Joe Steinbicker, president at Tilt-Up Designs Systems. “Tilt-Werks provides a design and communication resource for structural engineers, designers, architects, contractors, material manufacturers, fabricators, and material suppliers to increase their profit margins on every tilt-up construction project and to alleviate miscommunication about project enhancements or changes. It speeds the process from concept to completion of a tilt-up project and allows the project to be built more efficiently.”

The Project

Located just minutes from the Dulles International Airport in Virginia, Dulles Summit is a 456,550-square-foot multi-use business park building. The project boasts full height radius panels. The new facility includes two light industrial tilt-up buildings. Built simultaneously, the first structure has 102,000 square feet of tilt-up panels and a second includes 76,000 square feet. Featuring store fronts and rear loading docks, the facility provides future tenants with multiple options for build-outs. Construction of the tilt-up totaled 5 weeks from the time of the first slab on grade pour to panel erection.

One of the major architectural features is two radius panels 32 feet wide and more than 31 feet high. With a complete 90 degrees of curvature, the radius panel is not just a solid concrete structure. The design incorporated a store front element, leaving the option for offices below and a mezzanine space above. This new facility will provide a sustainable space for the owner.

The project was completed in March 2012.

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