Concrete fasteners, once set, are not designed to be removed from concrete, brick or block without damaging the base material into which they have been set. If pulled on hard enough, the base material will fail, the anchor will become detached and there may be a hole in the concrete that is the shape of an upside down cone.

However, sometimes it is necessary to remove concrete fasteners from base material. It is possible to remove both male and female type anchors if the proper steps are taken. It is also important to determine whether it is likely that the fixture and anchor will need to be removed before deciding which type of concrete anchor should be used in an application.

The amount of force required to remove the anchor is called the ultimate pullout or ultimate tension load. The pullout value is determined by the diameter of the anchor and the depth of embedment of the concrete anchor in the base material. Each type of fastener has a different holding value for the same diameter and depth of embedment.

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