Where would you find 24,260 square feet of polished concrete bathroom floor? In the most famous and visited area in the world Times Square New York - Broadway and 44th Street, the very center of what is referred to as the crossroads of the world. Drawing approximately 33,000 people a day, 50 million visitors a year sits 1515 Broadway. Home to International Corporate headquarters of Viacom the entertainment conglomerate. Their design team was committed to maintaining a green working environment and set out to redesign and re-fit the building to their wants, needs and specifications.

One of the components in this re-design was to re-fit 84 bathrooms. This required the bathrooms to be totally demolished and floors re-poured to achieve the polished concrete floors that had been speced. The costly challenge associated with demolition of the old tile floors, debri-removal along with the time element to accomplish this task almost took polished concrete off the table.

Here is where the innovation and expertise of Green Earth Floors was needed. They came up with a creative solution to the challenges facing the project, saving both time and money. Their idea was to pour a cementious overly over the existing tiles, eliminating demolition and removal. After studying the areas and working with CTS Rapit Set executives as well as Ameripolish, Green Earth Floors had a solution for their client. Even with the innovative process of Green Earth Floors, achieving this outcome was a monumental undertaking.

The building was fully occupied and work days could not be interferred with. Tom Funkhouser, Project Manager for Green Earth Floors, along with Eric Avigliano, Project Manager of JT Magen ran interference with the other trades on the floors. Adding to that was the challenge of loading and unloading equipment and deliveries in an area where stopping a vehicle for 3 minutes can cost the company a $2,000 ticket.

Patrick Mahoney of Mascon Construction, Yonkers, NY was responsible for pour and placement. His professionalism and expertise was needed in this challanging space. This had to run like a well choreographed live Broadway show every night with no re-takes. Mixing topping in limited space and getting it to its destination, sometimes 30 floors away all while keeping the pours consistent. The project process had to work like a fine tuned machine, keeping elevators at bay ready to transport the mixed topping.

The real Broadway show-stopper was that Green Earth Floors was able to keep the project on schedule, on budget and the clients received their desired look and feel. The color and shine needed to be consistent in each of the 84 bathrooms.

Polished concrete deserves a standing ovation - Bravo - to a great system, great products and great installers.