Molded Fiber Glass Construction Products (MFG CP) contributed to the rebuild of the world famous 3 World Trade Center in New York City. MFG CP partnered with Engineered Devices Corporation (EDC) to supply various sizes of custom fiberglass columns which were chosen instead of steel columns because due to cost saving and ease of use.

MFG CP manufactured two piece column forms to be used in the third Trade Center building reconstruction. These two piece column forms made from fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) are 48 and 60 inches in diameter and range from 1ft to 8ft tall, allowing the architects and construction worker to make concrete columns of various heights. The FRP column molds can be easily moved by hand from floor to floor due to the light mold weight. The molds are easily closed and concrete is poured into the closed mold. On the inside wall of the mold there is a gel coated surface giving the columns a smooth and eye-catching finish that needs no further work.

Joe Kusiak, Sales Manager said “This project was such a large part of history that the entire MFG CP team was proud to be able to be participate in a small portion of the rebuild of Ground Zero.”

You can follow the World Trade Center construction online.