Every year, a substantial amount of ready-mixed concrete is returned to concrete plants for disposal due to many reasons, such as excessive slump loss during transport, surplus production and trial batches. One of the main reasons for rejecting a great number of truckloads of concrete every year is a strict interpretation of the 90-minute time limit.

The NJ ACI-Student Chapter is proud to announce NJIT’s award of the research proposal “Evaluation Of The 90-Minute Rule as an Acceptance Criteria Considering Current Concrete Mix Design Technology and Mix Constituents” by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

The Principal Investigator is Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub, Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology, and the Co-Principal Investigator is Dr. Nakul Ramanna, the Assistant to the Chair and Concrete Laboratory Manager in the John A. Reif Jr. Department of Civil Engineering.

The proposed research aims to gain better understanding of how elapsed time affects the quality of a concrete load. In order to ensure that, a large number of concrete batches will be tested under different weather conditions and elapsed times. The research results should greatly benefit concrete suppliers, engineers, and inspectors in the concrete industry.

The duration of the project will be one year starting in August 2015. With the commitment of NRMCA, Silvi Group, Sika Corp. and County Concrete. Silvi South Plainfield Manager, Eric Miller (CIM ’11); and Silvi Quality control Manager, David Jaramillo (CIM ’16); and County Concrete Quality Control Manager, Nicholas Denicoli (CIM ’13) will be part of this research effort.

New Jersey Institute of Technology ACI Student Chapter Advisor and Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program Director, Dr. Mohamad Mahgoub thanks Mark Wierciszewski, NJACI Chapter President and Senior Engineer of Materials at NY & NJ Port Authority; Zach Rich, NJACI Chapter Vice President and the Director of Concrete Promotion/Sales at Silvi Group Companies.; Casimir Bognacki, NJACI Chapter Treasurer and the Chief Material Engineer of NY & NJ Port Authority; and Dianne Johnson, the NJACI Chapter Executive Director. Lastly, the NJIT ACI-Student Chapter thanks the NJACI Chapter for giving the students at NJIT this opportunity.