Each year, the American Concrete Institute recognizes several long-time active members as Honorary Members. In keeping with the bulk of the membership, these gentlemen (only three women since 1926) are most often practicing engineers and professors. There have been contractors at times, such as Peter Emmons and Dan Baker, but a concrete producer has never made the list until now. Frank Kozeliski ran Gallup Sand and Gravel, Gallup, N.M. for many years and has taught us all about real concrete and how it behaves.

Although he is a professional engineer, Frank's obsession has always been with the material and what he could do with it. From his remote New Mexico location he shipped concrete hundreds of miles into Indian country; he virtually invented pervious concrete; and he insisted that concrete cylinders be treated right.

In 2008, The Concrete Producer recognized Frank as on of its Industry Influencers. And a couple of years ago when we conducted the Triad Awards, he made concrete plaques for the winners and included concrete coasters to go with them. If you're nice to him he might even make you a concrete business card.