With good materials and strict procedures, warranties required by engineers and architects can be given on field-molded elastomeric joint sealants in Portland cement concrete highway and airport pavements. Such a warranty against any type of failure under normal usage and conditions usually provides that the sealant shall prevent infiltration by water, jet fuel and any other foreign materials, including incompressibles; shall not have loss of bond nor develop a cohesive failure; shall not flow, blister, bubble, crack or lose its rubberlike qualities; and shall not pick up on tires. Any manufacturer who provides this kind of long-term warranty must have full confidence in his joint sealant, in the design features of the joint system and in the procedures and techniques of installation. A close working relationship between the manufacturer of the sealant material and the specialty contractor who installs it is mandatory.

Aspects which must be carefully considered include materials to be used; joint spacing, sealing, and preparation; shape factor (ratio of joint width to sealant depth); type, size, and installation of bond breaker (for joint backup); and installation of sealant.