We have heard of a system of rapidly firming up a soggy site by using lime after the spring tha ws. How is this done?
The system involves spreading lime over the site and working it in with a bulldozer. Whole bags are laid in place over the area and then worked into the soil with a bulldozer. Lime does a rapid job of drying up a wet clay area as long as sufficient lime is used and it is mixed in thoroughly. As far as permanence is concerned, lime is generally used as a subbase or base, but a permanent surfacing must be applied over it. The stabilized layer then stays firm and helps promote a longer pavement life. If left uncovered, however, as on temporary construction haul roads, the layer will not remain durable for long. The top portion will weaken because of frost action. However, on a short-term basis the layer will remain firm. More information is available from the National Lime Association, 5010 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.,Washington, D.C. 20016.