Residential concrete fencing is versatile, durable, and maintenance free - the ideal addition to any home. Concrete fencing can be used to ensure privacy, protect property from litter, and block noise from neighbors or roadways. It also makes an excellent landscaping tool. Available decorative patterns include brick, wood-grain, and stepped block; colors range from natural gray to earth tones. Concrete fencing systems can be either precast or cast-in-place. Many fencing systems also have applications as retaining walls and noise barriers. Homeowners who opt for concrete fencing can expect decades of service. Many owners of concrete fencing have already experienced how well it withstands some of the most destructive forces of nature - high winds, earthquakes, and hurricanes. In Homestead, Fla., houses built from the shotcrete panel system weathered Hurricane Andrew with hardly a scratch. A manufacturer of a precast post-and panel system received a letter from a client telling how approximately 5,000 linear feet of concrete fencing survived the recent earthquakes in California virtually unscathed.