A Toronto-based contractor invests in a research and development staff that pays off. Ellis-Don tests products, solves problems and collects huge amounts of information. "The department evolved out of a management decision to have in-house expertise on products, materials, and methods." According to Lloyd Keller, senior coordinator for general contractor Ellis-Don, having the department saves money by reducing the number of construction problems. The department impresses the client by showing that the contractor is up-to-date. It keeps costs lower than finding solutions from an outside firm. Finally, it gives workers a sense of continuity. The company has been testing fiber reinforcement and coming up with various conclusions. With the help of an engineering student, they also have solved a problem with water leaks at the Metro Center construction site in Toronto. Ellis-Don is currently interested in more than solving problems. Five current areas of interest include building envelope systems, elevated slab deflections, cracking and curling of slabs on grade, joints in elevated slabs, and material product performance.