A tractor loader equipped with a laser-guided grader box can improve production, material yields and the overall quality of concrete slabs on grade. That's because with a laser-control system, the grader box can precisely cut and fill the subgrade to a predetermined level.

The control system consists of a laser transmitter that emits a self-leveled 360-degree reference plane of laser light, one or two receivers mounted on the grader box, and a control panel located inside the cab. The operator can use the system in the manual or automatic mode. Many operators prefer automatic control because they can concentrate on driving the tractor while elevation corrections are made rapidly and continuously, resulting in faster, more efficient fine-grading.

A grader box can typically laser level from 40,000 to 50,000 square feet of subgrade to a tolerance of + 1/4 inch in less than eight hours with one worker. On a typical 45,000 square foot floor project, up to 100 cubic yards of concrete can be saved by reducing the subgrade tolerance from the traditional + 1 inch to + 1/4 inch.