Fortifiber Building Systems Group announces the availability of Super Jumbo Tex Detail Strips, a conveniently-sized weather-resistive barrier designed for a variety of uses in exterior wall assemblies.

Sized in an easy-to-handle 20-inch-wide roll, they are well-suited for various applications. The weather-resistive barrier strips are made from Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute the industry's leading 60 Minute building paper.

Super Jumbo Tex Detail Strips make ideal starter strips in the installation of weather-resistive barriers. They can be used to detail inside and outside corners, as well as act as a belly band between 1st and 2nd floors. They are useful as a patch for weather-resistive barriers and can also be used as a bond breaker in stucco assemblies.

Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute is the industry’s premier 60 Minute building paper with an unmatched track record of performance in the field. It has been chosen by builders and architects to protect over five million homes and commercial buildings. The product delivers over six times the water protection of standard Grade “D” paper, while providing optimal breathability. As important, it has the rugged durability necessary to resist tearing and puncturing on the jobsite.

Fortifiber Building Systems Group.

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