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City made $8M 'entrapping' drivers with red-light cameras

So far this year, Chicago has issued 77,000 tickets for red-light violations caused, say irate drivers, by laughingly brief yellow lights. The mayor says the city will refund the money, but $8 million is a lot of revenue to let go of. More

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Work Boots

Magnum Boots is here to help protect your feet with all the bells and whistles... More

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Decorative Concrete Brings a Community Together

An ASCC/DCC-sponsored community project brings decorative concrete to the Roseland... More

Decorative Concrete for Inner-city Day Care

Concrete artisans help create a space of learning and nurturing for inner-city... More

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NoteVault continues expansion with addition of Regional Sales Directors

Construction industry experts hired as Regional Sales Directors; Company adds... More

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FREE bridge design guidance

Roadway alignments and interchanges are becoming more complex. This free technical document explains how to calculate the right fit for skewed and curved steel I-girder bridges. More

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Buyers beware: Road salt prices are way up

Communities report prices for the winter-operations necessity are almost 50% higher. More

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Stanley Consultants selected to design new interchange for Elgin O’Hare Western Access project

The Illinois Tollway has selected Stanley Consultants to design a new interchange as part of the Elgin O’Hare Western Access (EOWA) Project to connect two new tollways and provide western access to O’Hare International Airport. More

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What’s Happening at SAIA?

Here's a list of future activities and events that are happening at SAIA.  More

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Masonry Makes the News

The masonry industry is strengthening its hold on the design community. Gehry’s current project demonstrates that manufacturers and masonry contractors are working to gether in bring new technologies to an age-old craft. More

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