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Senior Housing Complex Being Built With CLT Raises Questions About Safety

Concrete advocacy group believes that concrete will keep senior citizens safe. More

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Publicly-Funded Skyscraper Fails to Put Safety First

Oregon’s framework project to be built “as quickly as possible” More

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Church Design Spurs Innovative Construction Approach

Thirty-eight wall panels were tilted into place to form the outer perimeter of the... More

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Immigration and E-Verify

Every employer must check the immigration status and eligibility for employment of new workers. Usually, making sure that every new worker completes a Form I-9 and has documentation of his identity is enough. But you may also want to consider enrolling in E-Verify. More

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Cycling kills (but you can stop it)

I saw a billboard the other day that could only have been inspired by Chicago’s... More

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Visualizing your design

Just as public outreach becomes even more important and necessary in public works, we are fortunately seeing the launch of new tools to help us become more successful in our efforts. Social media has improved communication by allowing us to deliver our messages quicker and more efficiently with audiences we might not have reached before. More

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Want to host the PW editor?

Editor Stephanie Johnston wants to spend more time with readers as they work. More

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Repairing Concrete Runways

Elastomeric concrete has proven to be a durable repair material for concrete... More

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