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Brockwell Incorporated

We are a classically-inspired architectural products company dedicated to the preservation & the implementation of classical design. Our company makes both fluted and plain COLUMNS for interior and exterior applications with a vast repertoire of architecturally-accurate decorative capitals, bases, and column shafts. We excel in creating custom columns (to match your size requirements) in several distinct material options, including: Wood, Fiberglass, FRP Composite, PVC & more - and we also offer industry standard sizes, as well, for your porches, entryways, interiors, and exteriors.

Brockwell Incorporated brings fresh ideas to time-honored principles, which is why we believe you'll find our new eCommerce site to be a valuable resource and a clean, user-friendly outlet for purchasing top-tier architectural products for your project. Browse our wide collection of Exterior Window Shutters, Custom Doors, Balustrade Systems, Decorative Mouldings, Plaster Medallions, and Decorative Applique designs that date back to over 100 years. We understand that some companies' eCommerce sites don't accurately represent the products you receive, BUT, in our case . . . What you see is, really, what you get.

We're an Atlanta-based company that ships all over the world and Directly to your job site. Brockwell products are an investment into the high quality value that you place on your residential or commercial project. Our aim is to provide you with both a top-level product & experience, both of which contribute to that self-satisfied feeling you get when you KNOW your project looks nice. Feel free to Order Directly online, or Request A Quote.

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