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Geoplast S.p.A.

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Geoplast S.p.A. is a global designer and manufacturer of sustainably profitable solutions for the construction industry.

Geoplast was founded in 1998 by Mirco Pegoraro, CEO and product designer. Since then, Geoplast was dedicated to the continual research of solutions that would increase the sustainability and profitability of construction projects. They have developed more than 40 sustainably profitable products so far, structured in 7 major groups: Foundations, Formwork, Slabs, Green, Water, Sport, and Environment.

Geoplast top innovations are:
- Plastic formworks such as Geopanel, which revolutionized the construction industry by utilizing recycled materials, being 100+ times reusable, and improving building speed,
- Modulo formwork for lightweight structural fillings and ventilated slabs that reduces the use of concrete by 20 %,
- Aquabox stormwater management system of a 96 % retention capacity, that is also lightweight, high load bearing, 100 % inspectable,
- New Elevetor formwork that is versatile and able to easily adjust to flat or sloped surfaces of up to 3m height.
And many others...

Geoplast products are available worldwide through the global network of suppliers and partners.

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