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From the time we introduced THEAM conveyors to North America, our mission has never changed. If it has our name on it, you can expect quality, performance, and ease of use.

THEAM conveyors – the beginning.
In 1978 Rene Thenaud of S.A. Thenaud et Fils and MM Amour of S.A. Mixer Services of Bouguenais, France conceived a mixer-mounted conveyor. Forging their names to their pionerring inspiration (THE from THENAUD and AM from AMOUR), the THEAM conveyor legacy began. The initial conveyor was simple, rugged and performed as intended. It caught the eye of Hermann Wiest, General Mgr of Liebherr France, a prominent supplier of mixers, silos and batch plants. Mr. Wiest, lobbied and won distribution rights resulting in the conveyor being sold in France by Liebherr. Hermann Wiest eventually left Liebherr to devote his time to expanding equipment sales to Germany and a few other European countries.

Simultaneously in 1980 Rene Thenaud and son, Luc approached John Garrec in the US. John Garrec, a former neighbor, had cut his teeth in concrete with Coignet Construction leader in large scale housing. Would mixer-mounted conveyors be of interest to the US ready mix market? The opportunity and challenge was accepted.

THEAM conveyors – Every Good Fleet needs a THEAM conveyor!

Mr. Garrec found Owens Brothers Concrete who on a trial basis was willing to experiment. Success came after Mr. Garrec’s laborious re-design of the power systems, testing and sourcing to adapt the equipment to demands of typical use and site challenges in the US. Concrete Placement Systems or CPS was formed in 1981 to market the THEAM conveyor. The Mulkie Conveyor from Missouri had introduced the mixer-mount conveyor concept with some success a few years earlier. Offering reliability, parts and service became CPS’s mission. In 1983 CPS entered into a relationship with London Manufacturing in London, Ontario to act as the company’s Canadian distributorship (a relation that remains to this day) and for a short period, MTM in the US. Williams Brothers in Atlanta, GA, a former Mulkey customer who saw the conveyor’s advantage pouring walls became a big THEAM conveyor user, anchoring CPS. Traveling painstakingly state to state, CPS discovered the geographic niches and types of operations where THEAM conveyors in a fleet were sensible additions to the fleet- providing a needed service and improving over-all truck turnaround.

THEAM conveyors – Made in the USA

To mark the departure into manufacturing in the US, a new company was formed in 1989, Westcon Mfg Inc. Westcon built new headquarters in 1993 which has since expanded to a 25,000sq foot facility on five acres in the Brunswick Industrial Park, Brunswick, ME. Though Westcon was manufacturing there remained a strong partnership with SA Thenaud. Westcon from its American vantage point, and Wiest in Europe drove many improvements in response to customer use, interest and demand. Many of these were pioneered by Westcon, (Wireless Radio Controls, Pressure Washer) Westcon, the responsible for all extensive field testing, knew that standardization by market was key to their equipment’s reliability and successful part and technical support.

THEAM conveyors – It’s our Trade Marked Product

In 2000 before selling SA Thenaud, and in recognition of Westcon’s contributions, Luc Thenaud insisted Westcon protect its twenty-year investment and future by acquiring the THEAM trade name in the countries it was operating. Westcon Mfg Inc dba THEAM USA offers THEAM conveyor model choices to accommodate all ready-mix producers and their truck and mixer preferences. Moreover, 36 years in, we continue the longstanding THEAM tradition of total focus on QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and RELIABILITY.

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