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Use These 4 Products for Flawless Floors

Coating, primer, grinder, and tile remover were all used to refurbish century-old... More

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Rapid-Set and Dry Tile Mortar

Formulated with ARDEX self-drying technology, ARDEX S 28 is fully dry in just 4... More

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Self-drying concrete topping

ARDEX SD-T is a self-drying, self-leveling, no troweling topping for fast track... More

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Largest Sweepstakes in ARDEX History Launches

The ARDEX Choose Your Experience Sweepstakes is open for eligible entries from... More

Polished Concrete Topping

Topping base for floors that will receive a polished concrete surface is used with... More

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Concrete Repair System by ARDEX Americas

Repair your crack or joint with Ardifix ultra-fast setting repair compound, then... More

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Self-Leveling Overlays for Fast, Flat Floors

Using a self-leveling underlayment instead of finishing a concrete floor,... More

Polished Concrete Topping

ARDEX PC-T Polished Concrete Topping hardens fast, and can be walked on in two... More

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ARDEX Americas Ardex K 60 Arditex

Ardex K 60 Arditex is a self-smoothing and trowelable latex leveling compound that... More

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