Chicago Department of Transportation

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City's Nonworking Crosswalk Signals Endanger Pedestrians

In an effort to rework traffic flow around the pedestrian's, rather than the driver's needs, Chicago phased out the buttons that pedestrians press to stop traffic. Meant to lower pedestrian deaths, the measure is instead making pedestrians more vulnerable. More

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Safe Concrete Pumping

Use of an S-elbow on a concrete pump hose can lead to a dangerous situation. More

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Building a 100-Year Bridge

Chicago's iconic Wacker Drive receives a post-tensioned concrete deck in the... More

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Crushed Concrete Aggregate

Made from demolished concrete or fresh concrete returned to the batch plant,... More

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Chicago’s Wacker Drive Pour

As part of the Phase II reconstruction project for Chicago's Wacker Drive, more than 1100 cubic yards of concrete was poured on Friday, April 15 to create a new intersection at Wacker and Randolph. More

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