Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

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Stainless Steel Fabrication Standard

New standard defines quality processes for fabrication of stainless steel... More

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Epoxy Interest Group of the CRSI Announced Wes Miller as Director

Mr. Miller will be responsible for all operations of the Epoxy Interest Group of... More

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CRSI Announces Updated Reinforcing Bar Supports Standard

This mandatory-language document has been adopted in the ACI 301 Specification and... More

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CRSI Announces "Rebar U” E-Learning Portal

A new educational resource for knowledge on reinforced concrete design and... More

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TCP Survey: Wood Construction is a Threat

The wood industry is aggressively working to gain market share over other building... More

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Concrete Opinions and News

Editor Bill Palmer reviews a new concrete overlay, changes to industry association leadership, and upcoming meetings. More

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Epoxy Industry Service Award Goes to Marcelo Guadalupe Acuña

Marcelo helped establish epoxy coating plants in Oklahoma (1979), Michigan (1980),... More

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Why Does Steel in Concrete Corrode

Chloride and carbonation can break down the passivating layer on reinforcing steel... More

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