Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association

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NDA and CSDA Form Alliance

The National Demolition Association and the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association announce a reciprocal association agreement that will promote the exchange of information between the groups to enhance the safety and professionalism of their industries. More

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Proper Coring Techniques

Q. We are involved in a quality claim in which the testing lab reports the hardened concrete did not achieve the specified design strength. Our testing lab broke cylinders from that same job and all achieved proper strength. We are confident that we will achieve proper strength if the coring is properly conducted. Are there any guidelines that we can provide the testing lab to ensure that the sampling is properly conducted? More

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About Time LLC

About Time LLC's Chief Executive Officer, Amber Carothers, is our March 2008 Manufacturer to Watch. More

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For Where the Concrete Isn't

The CSDA is one of the associations that joined with related organizations from around the world to create IACDS in 1995, and then worked together with IACDS members to determine useful tolerances applicable to this type of work. Originally developed in 2 More

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2006 World Of Concrete

The 2006 version of World of Concrete will roar into Las Vegas on January 16 for a... More

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CSDA Resource Guide and Directory

The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association recently released its 2005–2006 Sawing & Drilling Resource Guide and Membership Directory. More

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