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Portable Mixing Machine from CS Unitec

Manufactured with two counter-rotating paddles a helical rod and scraper paddle... More

CS Unitec Dry Polisher

Features include slim design for narrow spaces, ergonomic on/off switch with... More

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CS Unitec Chain Saw

Pneumatic concrete chain saw with an AirFORCE F4 Diamond Chain cuts reinforced... More

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Hand-Held Mixing Drill with 2-Speed Gearbox from CS Unitec

Every CS Unitec mixer has been designed for high reliability, with the power to... More

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Scarifying Machine with Dust Collection

EPF 1503 scarifying machine uses carbide “star” cutters to roughen, descale,... More

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Rig-mounted Core Drill from CS Unitec

This portable drill rig is made for heavy-duty concrete core drilling. More

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CS Unitec 1445 H HEPA Dust Extraction Vacuum

CS 1445 H is a 9-gallon wet/dry HEPA dust extraction vacuum ideal for use in the... More

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Multi-Head Floor Scabbler

CS?Unitec’s Trelawny MHS5 Concrete Floor Scabbler is the ideal demolition tool for... More

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Versatile core drilling machine

New END 1550 P wet diamond core drill creates holes from 1/4 in. to 2-5/8 in.... More

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Versatile Core Drilling Machine

CS Unitec’s new END 1550 P wet diamond core drill. More

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