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Turf, Grounds, and Roadside Maintenance March 2010
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The war against weeds

Located just across the Columbia River from Portland, Ore., historic Clark County attracts visitors who enjoy open spaces. But there are some visitors for whom the county would rather not play host: knapweed, poison hemlock, and butterfly bush, to name just a few. More

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Less media for more arsenic removal

Product features from the June 2009 PUBLIC WORKS Products Newsletter More

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PW Solutions May 2008

Ground maintenance and outdoor furniture products. More

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Theme and Variations in Forming

While the use of plastics was spreading in the 1950s and 1960s, it is no surprise... More

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New products, featuring vacuum litter collection equipment

The MS/MT350 street sweeper is a heavy-duty machine mounted on a commercially available truck chassis. With dual steering controls and operating positions, it offers a high degree of maneuverability. More

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