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GPS isn’t the only technology that autonomous vehicles rely on

The safety of our driverless future depends on well-maintained and easy-to-see... More

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Red light cameras and safety

More communities are beginning to use red light and speeding cameras. Are they... More

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Precast Concrete Pavement

Highway departments are always looking for ways to repair damaged pavement quickly... More

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A Good Resource For Your Concrete Needs

A resource for students, inch-pound markings, MAP-21 to provide funding, and a N.Y. company helps vets get work. More

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Building a 100-Year Bridge

Chicago's iconic Wacker Drive receives a post-tensioned concrete deck in the... More

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Crushed Concrete Aggregate

Made from demolished concrete or fresh concrete returned to the batch plant,... More

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How About a (Second) Lift?

Two-lift concrete paving offers potential function and sustainability benefits to... More

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