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Is the Maturity Method Worth the Effort?

A highway contractor’s first experience with developing maturity-strength curves. More

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Corrosion Detection Tool

Giatec iCOR is a non-destructive testing tool for detailed corrosion evaluation of... More

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Concrete Humidity Sensor

A rugged waterproof sensor for wireless monitoring of the relative humidity and... More

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Corrosion Mapping

Half-cell potential mapping is the most commonly used NDT method in the detailed... More

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Rebar Corrosion Test

Accurate measurement of the rebar corrosion rate is necessary for estimating the... More

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Temperature and Maturity Sensor

SmartRock is a mobile-based wireless sensor that is embedded in the concrete for... More

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Wireless Concrete Sensor

Giatec SmartBox is a compact wireless device for the measurement and monitoring of... More

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