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World of Concrete's Best & Brightest

The votes are in and counted. We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 Most Innovative Products contest. Held each year at the World of Concrete, the contest showcased just a fraction of the new products that appeared at the show held last January at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In all, 137 entries competed in 14 different categories, and awards were given in each category for Attendees' Choice and Experts' Choice. In one case, Cementec won both awards in the Concrete Making Materials category. In Placement Tools & Equipment, two companies, Somero Enterprises and Lura Enterprise, both were awarded Experts' Choice Awards. More

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Concrete's Changing Colors

A patio looked great on the day we finished installing it. But within two weeks, it had deteriorated into a gray/white color instead of the terracotta/charcoal patio that was visible on the day it was installed. The concrete sealant was applied 24 to 48 hours after the concrete was first laid, and within two weeks, it had turned gray/white. The contractor then returned two weeks later, the patio was washed with a jet wash and then a second coat of sealant was applied, making the gray/white colour even worse. The patio is fine when it is wet (terra-cotta/charcoal), but when dry it becomes gray/white. The project was completed more than a year ago. The gray/white appearance apparently is salt bloom, which is naturally occurring. However, as you can see, the whole patio is affected and there are no crystalline forms present on the surface. What could the problem be, why did it occur, and can it be fixed? More

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Jet-Age Roof
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