MEVA Formwork Systems

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One-Man Formwork

Lightweight hand-set formwork systems are efficient and fast More

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Using Formwork Safely

Forms are one of the biggest expenses on a jobsite, but safety is never a trade-off. More

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The Otto M. Budig Theater, Cincinnati

Imperial wall panels, with a pour rating of 2,025 psf allowed for 16-foot pours to... More

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Keeping Everyone Safe and Sound

Perimeter protections systems for high-rise construction offer many advantages. More

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Plastic Facing Formwork by MEVA

Formwork system doesn't swell or shrink, resists water and chemicals, lasts as... More

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Most Influential: Formwork Leader: Rolf Spahr

Rolf Spahr’s goal was to clearly define the various features of a formed surface.... More

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